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Grout Shield Singapore Pte Ltd

Grout Shield Singapore Pte Ltd is the exclusive product distributor of Grout Shield Distributors LLC (USA). 

The longest lasting Grout Color Seal and Tile and Grout Cleaners Worldwide!

Grout Shield’s grout color sealer allows you to match or change the color of your grout, without removing out your existing grout! Grout Shield allows you to recolor your grout easily, by using one of our all-in-one Grout Re-Color Kits. Our sealer is made from the highest quality ingredients, so it allows you to keep the look and feel of your existing sanded or unsanded, grout! Grout Shield is perfect for giving your home a fresh new look by changing the color of your grout on your bathroom or kitchen floors or walls. Our sealer is perfect for counters and backsplashes and anywhere that you have grout; it can even be used outside or around pools!

We can custom match any color in the world, including leading grout brands such as: Custom Building Products/Polyblend, Laticrete, Hydroment, Tec and C-Cure. We can also match paint brands such as Sherwin Williams, Behr, Martha Stewart, Glidden, Bejamin Moore, and more!

Even though our sealer allows you to change the color of your grout, it is not to be confused with grout dye, or a grout stain or paint. Unlike a dye or stain or paint, Grout Shield color seal will bond to your grout, filling the pores, while keeping the same look and texture of your original grout. 

Grout Shield color sealer allows you to change your grout from dark to light, or even light to dark. Our sealer is thick enough to even cover black grout with white sealer! Grout Shield “Homeowner kits”, come with everything that you need to complete a full project in your home. We also offer a Clear Seal, for new tile installations or even concrete, and an Enhancer Sealer to help bring out the colors in natural stone, such as slate, granite and marble, on floors and walls.

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