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What is Grout?


Grout refers to the lines between tiles that are filled with grout cement. The cement is porous and absorbs liquids. This often causes the grout to be dirty and stained. The stains cannot be easily removed because they are embedded within the pores of the cement.


Color Seal


Color Seal is designed to revitalize and restore grout to your desired color. It also forms a permanent, protective, watertight coating to seal in your grout, thus preventing stains and allowing for easy cleaning.

Stain Resistance

- Protects grout from stains, grease, bacteria, mold and mildew.

Easy Cleaning

- The sealed surface will prevent stains and dirt. A routine wipe down with a mop or rag is sufficient to remove any liquid or dirt which would normally stain your grout. Coffee, honey, soy sauce and the like can be wiped away easily without leaving any stains.

Cost Savings

- Color Seal provides a lasting, durable protection on the grout that prevents stains and chips, thus eliminating the need for costly repairs.

Grout and Tiles Deep Cleaner

Deep Cleaner is a powerful cleaner used to remove stubborn dirt and grease on grout and tiles. Cleaning is the first step and is important to prepare for successful application of Color Seal or Clear Seal.

*Deep Cleaner is supplied in concentrated form. Dilute 1 part Deep Cleaner with 6 parts water (ratio 1:6). You may use less water for stubborn stains.


Clear Seal

Clear Seal provides a transparent, watertight, protective seal on tiles and grout to prevent stains, dirt and discoloration. It can be used on porous surfaces such as natural stones and concrete.

Clear Seal is often used for porous tiles in the shower or kitchen area to provide a watertight coating that prevents mold and mildew, and allows for easy cleaning. Clear Seal provides a hydrophobic effect: water, shampoo, and soap residue will not stick onto walls.


- Durable, hydrophobic coating that lasts 1 to 2 years as tested on shower walls

- It bonds well with porous tiles, stone and concrete

- Clear Seal can be used on top of Color Seal

- DIY application is easy and effortless: Spray evenly on the surface and let it cure for 36 hours

Enhancer Seal

Enhances and restores the vibrant look of marble and granite tiles, as well as quartz and ceramic walls.


- Enriches the color of your natural premium surfaces

- Brings out the shine in both new and old marble

- Restores the look, shine, and color of faded natural surfaces


Color Seal
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