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SUPER‑D (202)

Amazing Degreasing Effect
Super-D is a non-toxic multipurpose super degreaser. The new improved formula incorporates SuperSynergy 2 technology to delivery a fantastic level of cleaning at an affordable price. pH 12.5 for better cleaning effect.


Power cleaning and degreasing properties

Non-toxic, non-hazardous

Fully biodegradable – environmentally friendly

Water soluble and easy rinsing

Multipurpose – can be used in kitchens, bathrooms,  balcony, carparks, workshops, warehouses etc.

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User instructions- 

1. Dilute according to usage. For tough grease or stain , use neat 
2. Always put on gloves when using SUPER-D
3. Ensure area of usage is well ventilated.
4. Spray SUPER-D on affected area and let it sit for 10mins before scrubbing with a Scotch-brite heavy duty scrub sponge. 
5. Rinse off residue with clean water
6. Repeat step 4 and 5 as desired
7. Wash hands with soap thoroughly after cleaning completed 
8. Seek medical attention immediately should you accidentally swallow or chemical get into your eyes

SUPER-D (Degreaser) _ 500ml Spray Bottle

S$24.90 Regular Price
S$19.90Sale Price
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